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Butter Balls Butter Scotch Pecker Pop
Butter Balls Butter Scotch Pecker Pop
Butter Balls Butter Scotch Pecker Pop
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Butter Balls Butterscotch Pecker Pop


Butter Balls pecker pops are a succulent tasty treat that are as much fun to lick as they are to eat! We have absolutely no doubt at all that you'll love sucking on our balls!

  • Pecker and Balls Shaped Butterscotch Flavored Lollipop
  • Great Taste

Butter Balls - Butterscotch Pecker Sucker is the perfect sweet treat for the next Bachelorette Party or LGBT Bachelor Party!

These are the same size as the Liquored Up Cock Pops, just in a Butterscotch flavor and these Butter Balls Cock Pops make for some good Suckin!!

Each sucker comes individually wrapped and the candy pecker sucker part of the sucker measures 4 inches Tall x 2 1/2" at the base or balls of the sucker, with the total sucker length with the stick is about 6" tall.

Pick up these Butter Balls Cock Pop Penis Suckers to help decorate the table, make a centerpiece, perfect for gift bags or just as a souvenir of the Last Night Out.